Nailclippers – Pass The Dutchie / Billie Jean

The Nailclippers comprised of Filipino siblings Dianne, Dennis, Noel, Warren and Jon. Originally based in Japan, they started off as a group of pre-teens in the same vain as other popular bands of the time Menudo and Toto & his Children. In 1979, they recorded their debut album for Vicor Music Corporation featuring the songs “Heto Na Kami”, “Dancing Queen” (cover of the ABBA hit song) and the Japanese version of Cherie Gil’s “Boy (I Love You)”. Their popularity soared when they recorded their second album “Bahay-Bahayan” which included the Tagalog version of Laura Branigan’s “Gloria”. In 1981, they were included in the musical/comedy film called “Bakit Ba Ganyan” which starred Dina Bonnevie and Albert Martinez. Their last known recording was their 1985 interpretation of the song “Pag-Ibig Sa Ating Musika” for the 8th Metropop Music Festival.

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