Black Opinion

Black Opinion were a disco band that regularly played at the Oasis Disco, Plaza Hotel. The band consisted of Cesar Hermosa (Vocalist), Yolly Luib (Vocalist), Vic Omila (2nd Guitar), Ebot Santos (Keyboard) Vic Jongko (Drums), Boy Jongko (Lead Guitar), Lito Deseo (Keyboard), Bonggie Valenzuela (Bass).

Producer Gerardo ‘Dodie’ Santa Rita (The Grandells) recounts “I was working for OctoArts and in 1978 Sunny Ilacad gave me an assignment to make an OPM Soul record. I went to see Black Opinion at the Oasis Disco in the Plaza Hotel Manila and recruited them. The first song they recorded was ‘Hoy, Gumising Ka’. When Orly Ilacad heard Cesar Hermos’s voice he requested that we also do a cover of ‘Disco Inferno’.

They went onto release several 45s and more recently an album of their music has been made available digitally.

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