Catch Up – Balikbayan Radio

When Luki asked me to guest on his new show and explained the concept behind it, a Balikbayan box filled with music, I first thought what a great idea! Then it got me thinking what kind of music would I send home? Maybe all the music I love that is personal to me but that would be too varied to squeeze into an hour-long show. Pinoy Grooves? Well that doesn’t make much sense either, sending tunes from the Philippines back to the Philippines haha. Then I thought about what we normally put in a Balikbayan box. Being a Londoner we would always send British products of course whether it be British chocolate, snacks or corned beef. So I decided to send some Best of British back home to the Motherland, specifically Brit Funk, Jazz and Soul! Hope you enjoy! X

Atmosfear – Free Tonight
Incognito – Incognito
Potion – Catch The Feelin’
Reflex – Funny Situation
World Series – Head Over Heels
Elixia – Soho Phaze
The Hudsons – Show Me You Care
Savanna – Never Let You Go
Spookey – Friends
The Antilles – I’ve Got To Have You
Rick Clarke – Potion
Leiah Ikafa – Disco 2000 (Joey Negro Edit)

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