Pinoy Market – Rosa Alma

Excited to announce that Rosa Alma will be joining us at Pinoy Market at Little Louie on Sunday 27th November 12-4PM. Curated handcrafted, modern lifestyle products that celebrate Filipino artistry and tradition. A little bit more about them…

With the abundant natural resources and beautiful inspiration in the 7,641 islands of the Philippines, these became the breeding ground for Filipino artisans to perfect their craft. The Philippines has a flourishing local artisan scene, but with expensive and complicated international logistics, this limits the potential of artisans to expand beyond the country. We firmly believe it’s time for Filipinos to be recognized internationally for artistic ingenuity, and Rosa Alma paves the way to gain more advocates in the British market.

Keeping the chic, worldly, and intentional Rosa Alma advocate in mind, combined with our diverse backgrounds in sales, interior design, and engineering, we have mastered both the art and structure of identifying needs and creating beautiful, purposeful spaces. Our thoughtful curation is an invitation to help uplift Filipino artisan communities and to experience the Philippines in a new light.

Main update page: Pinoy Market
Rosa Alma: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

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