Pinoy Market – Makabayan

I am super excited to announce that Makabayan UK will be joining us at Pinoy Market at Little Louie on Sunday 27th November 12-4PM. Makabayan UK features Philippine-made products that reflect the Filipino heritage and in doing so, hope to help preserve age old traditions such as indigenous hand weaving and embroidery. Here is a little bit more about them…

Makabayan translates to “patriotic” in Filipino. We believe one of the ways to support the Philippines is to buy from small communities hard hit economically by the pandemic-related lockdowns and travel bans. We aim to support the livelihood of local artisans, hand-weavers, sewers, embroiderers, especially those that traditionally rely on tourism outside of the capital.

Part of our profits supports our charity work helping people affected by the pandemic or the typhoons.

Main update page: Pinoy Market
Makabayan UK: Website | Instagram

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