Pinoy Market – Jar Food UK

I am pleased to announce that Jar Food UK will be joining us at Pinoy Market at Little Louie on Sunday 27th November 12-4PM. Ulam in a Jar. Delectably mouthwatering home-cooked Filipino dishes to satisfy your cravings. Here is a little bit more about them…

MISSION To lead in the creation and provision of cost-effective and shelf-life stable home-cooked food or food products in all parts of the world and promote a sense of being at home despite geographic location.

VISION An organisation that creates or provides a wide range of home-cooked food or food products from different countries around the globe with utmost consideration of the environment and national traditions.


S – Sustainability and Innovation The difference between freshly cooked food and stored food is nothing but a myth. To create safe, sustainable and delectable national cuisines by combining natural science with high quality food products is the one of the institution’s top goal. Status quo is deemed as a failure.

A- Accessibility and Accountability The company holds utmost accountability to its products’ quality, freshness and safety as well as its partners safety during its operation. To ensure that clients will be able to eat their traditional dishes regardless of location, is also one of its primary goal.

F – Family Family is conceptualised as belongingness regardless of race, gender and nationality. Love of food and tradition unites everyone. Work-life balance is a fundamental priority.

E – Environment Conscious Nature, as the main source of sustenance and shelter, is placed as the top consideration of the organisation. It is the aim of the company to create food without harming nature.

Main update page: Pinoy Market
Jar Food UK: Facebook | Instagram

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