The Ghost Squad – I’m A Believer / Sitting In The Park

The Ghost Squad were the brainchild of John Smith. He originally formed a Skiffle group in 1955 called Jubilee, and following this band he recorded a couple of singles as Bobby Dean released in 1965.

From 1964 to 1966 he recorded as The Ghost Squad for the budget label Top Six, a UK budget label launched by Bill Wellings. The members were Johnny Harris (keyboards and piano, trumpet and backing vocals), Laurie Holloway (piano, keyboards), Big Jim Sullivan (guitar), Vic Pitt (bass), Lennie Bush (bass), Kenny Clare, Bobby Kevin, Jimmy Nicol (The Beatles deputy drummer), Roger Coulam (organ and percussion), plus various brass and strings players and with Mike Sammes Singers as supporting vocals.

In 1965 he formed John Smith & The New Sound whilst working in Germany where he achieved some success. His last extant recording was issued in 1973, before he became a session musician for other artists.

Here we have their rare 45 released in The Philippines with killer versions of The Monkees “I’m A Believer” and Billy Stewart’s “Sitting In The Park”.

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