Catch Up – Pinoy Grooves EP. 6 with Parallel Uno – Soho Radio

Listen Here:


1) Big Bang (Intro)
2) Liminal Minded Intro
3) Manilata Dub
4) Ikaw Ba
5) Tonyspeaks
6) Seventh High
7) Dawn
8) Uhaw Sa Ligaya
9) Santierra Sojourn
10) It’s A Swing Thing
11) Pintig Ng Babaeng Nakaputi
12) End Of An Ice Age
13) Dakila Dub
14) Lagkit
15) Bali Wala
16) Space 4eva
17) Kometa
18) Yan Ba’y Kasalanan
19) Ang Mundong Gabi
20) Run It Down
21) Latin Linggo

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. Please make sure you listen in stereo as noticed some problems with my guests vocals missing when listened through certain devices. Big thanks also to my guest Parallel Uno!

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