Rocky G & Nuglife – Filipinos In Space

Check it out>>> The new album from Rocky G & Nuglife on lovely vinyl. Proper Hip Hop for the connoisseurs….

In a time of world chaos and revolution, Rocky G & NugLife present to you an underground classic, rooted in personal heritage, also giving off an urban gutter hip hop essence mixed with jazz and other genre cutting surprises. As long time collaborators, Rocky G & NugLife have both grown enormously as artists in their independent uprising – from Rocky G playing saxophone and performing with the likes of Sol Development, Ruby Ibarra & Beat Rock affiliates to NugLife collaborating with Noa James, Self Provoked, The Underachievers, and also linking AKTHESAVIOR & Rocky G on his debut project “The Beat Dispensary” project in 2019. As a musical duo, Rocky G & NugLife display brotherhood, creative freedom, & a sense of soul from two creative underdogs ahead of their time.

Listen and purchase here:

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