Nonoy Zuñiga ‎– Ako Ay Ikaw Rin

Nonoy Zuñiga’s singing career spans more than 4 decades, as a folk singer from 1971 to 1975 and then as one of the lead singers of the Family Birth Control Band which performed in venues like Philippine Plaza, Holiday Inn and the Manila Hotel from 1975-1980. It is also during this period that he lost his leg in a bombing incident during the martial law era. This did not stop him however performing at home in the Philippines and various countries across the globe including the US, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China and New Zealand.

Besides his musical career, he hosted a public service TV program called Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko, and an informational program called MedTalk with Dr. Z on IBC 13. In recent years he has been the head of EcoWise and NOW, two companies that deal with the preservation and conservation of the environment through proper waste disposal and the manufacture and marketing of organic products.

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