SSS Koffee – Gogoy (Live It Up) / I Want You To Know

One the hardest working bands in the Asian music circuit, SSS Koffee performed regularly In Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and different nightclubs in Manila and Olongapo City during the late 70’s up to mid 80’s. The band mastered their chops playing in different bands for nightclubs mostly catering to US servicemen stationed in Asia. Led by lead singer Andre Wilson (formerly of Pinoy Funk Soul outfit D’ Howlers), this 2 track E.P is the only known recorded musical output from the band. Andre Wilson, when asked why only 2 songs , answered “We were busy rehearsing and touring because that’s our bread and butter..We hardly had time to go into a studio and lay down some tracks”. Except on that one free day they decided to record 2 songs for small label “Kork”, the low budget recording session yielded the Funk Number called”Gogoy (Live it up) and the sweet soul track “I want you to know”. Both songs are sung in Tagalog and English and reflects the taste of late 70’s Manila soundscape of Pinoy Disco and Manila Sound. It was mostly given away as promo for the radio stations and sold at gigs so getting a copy was not easy. Now a Holy Grail piece among Pinoy Soul collectors. These songs are finally available for another taste of the SSS Koffee band.


This reissue is limited to 300 copies only and the 1st release from Philippine label, I FOUND It! Records.

2 thoughts on “SSS Koffee – Gogoy (Live It Up) / I Want You To Know

    1. I knew them in 1972 manila they played in a club on Roxas Blvd. Then we traveled to Japan I left Japan and moved back to canada Andre was about 21 years old I never seen the band again always wondered what happen to him.


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