Circus Band – Deep In My Veins / Funky Lady

Founded by Atek Jacinto, the Circus played for schools, television shows, and concerts all around the nation and had a total of 5 albums recorded. Whether or not it was a conscious intention of Atek, most of the members of the Circus Band were soloists in their own right. Among them were vocalists Jacqui Magno, Tillie Moreno, Pat Castillo, Basil Valdez, Hajji Alejandro, Richard Tan and Pabs Dadivas backed up by Keyboardist Boy Katindig, 2nd Keyboardist Gerry Paraiso+, Lead Guitarist Rudy Lozano, Bassist Paco Gamboa and Drummer Walter Calinawan+. Other short-lived vocalists also included Ann Marie Santos, Lory Tan, and the newer ones that eventually replaced those who left were Cerez Jacinto, Gem Jacinto, and Didith Reyes.


The band was known for its funky music, outlandish costumes and make-up, and for perfect note rendition of foreign hits. Some of the crowd favorites of the time were “Right Thing To Do”, “Betcha By Golly Wow”, “Lady Marmalade”, “Wild Flower”, “The Harder I Try” and “Love The One You’re With”. And as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Just like most bands during that time, they eventually disbanded and each member pursued and blossomed in his and her own individual careers.

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