Pinoy Mellow Grooves

Had a crazy weekend? Not looking forward to Monday? Stick this on and mellow out with some Pinoy Grooves… Recorded live on a Sunday afternoon at Pinoy Groove Towers. Featuring some old favourites and some recently acquired rarities all on original vinyl.


  1. Rico J – Cartada Dies
  2. Apo Hiking Society – When I Met You
  3. Gracie Rivera – Summer Breeze
  4. Sticky – Wings
  5. Dale Adriatico – Minamahal Sinasamba
  6. Primo Kim – Joy
  7. The New Minstrels – Smile
  8. Hajji – Mundo Ng Panaginip
  9. Hotdog – Una Sa Lahat
  10. Ed Corpuz – Maze
  11. VST & Co. – Ayos Ba
  12. Nonoy Zuniga – Is This What You’re Thinkin’ Of?
  13. Louie Reyes – Me And You
  14. Leah Navarro – Will It Ever Come To You
  15. Dulce – Tomorrow
  16. Celeste Legaspi – Pag-Ibig Na Lubus Lubos

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