Mono Loco Mixtape – Mixcloud Link

Here we go… our Mono Loco Mixtape – Pinoy Grooves show on Soho Radio uploaded to Mixcloud for your listening pleasure. Bringing you the best Soul, Latin, Jazz, Funk & Disco from the Philippines and me and host Ricardo Lorrio also talk about some of the history and artists behind the music. Listen now…


  1.  Jazz Friends – Bluesanova
  2. Bobby Enriquez – One Note Samba
  3. Bong Penera – A Beat Contemplation
  4. Nerio De Gracia – Half Step’N
  5. Joe Cruz & The Cruzettes – Nena
  6. Vilma Valera – I Got You (I Feel Good)
  7. The Pitch Boys – It’s A Mans World
  8. Eddie Peregrina & The Blinkers – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
  9. Ronnie  Villar & The Firedons – Love Potion No.9
  10. The Sunstrokes – Proud Mary
  11. Gener Agnes & His Falcons  – Midnight Hour
  12. Eddie Mesa & The Hijacks – Money That’s What I Want
  13. Victor Wood – Knock On Wood
  14. The Bad Habits arranged by Pablo Vergara – This Old Heart Of Mine
  15. JA & The Jitterbugs arranged by D’Amarillo – It’s The Same Old Song
  16. Helen Gamboa – Soul Time
  17. The Nailclippers – Pass The Dutchie
  18. Aristi & The Soundmakers – I Shot The Sheriff
  19. The Joysticks – Young Gifted & Black
  20. Vilma Valera – Israelites
  21. Please – Hold On I’m Coming
  22. The Hijacks – Sing A Simple Song
  23. The Grandells – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
  24. Soul Jugglers – Hanggang Magdamag
  25. Advisors – Sumayaw O Makinig
  26. Solid Band – Funky Beat
  27. Hangmen – Boogie Na Sa Kalye
  28. VST & Co – Step No, Step Yes
  29. Nanette – Ganyan Ang Pagibig
  30. WADAB – Wanna All Dance And Boogie
  31. Black Opinion – Disco Manila
  32. Hajji Alejandro – Ingit Lang Sila
  33. Tirso Cruz III – Whats Going On

5 thoughts on “Mono Loco Mixtape – Mixcloud Link

  1. This is a revelation! I had no idea that such music was ever made in the Philippines, a land I only know for being swamped in power-ballads, ’70s American rock and, generally, music undesirable to my ears. Thank you for an extremely interesting and enjoyable listen.
    I found the quality of the soul, funk and boogaloo numbers, frankly, surprising. As a fan of Jamaican music, I was intrigued and stupefied to hear songs I know well being covered by Filipinas/os – who’d have thought it! However, what I found most instructive was your final selections of originals sung in Tagalog, showing a depth beyond the, albeit impressive, ability to simply cover a song well.
    In my opinion, the Philippines often suffers from a rather poor, two-dimensional representation abroad. What you are doing with your impressive site is a direct challenge to that which can only be for the good. Thanks again.

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  2. Thanks Chris, that was fun! For me, the I Shot The Sheriff cover and the vocals on Israelites get closest to the sound of reggae, a notoriously hard sound to emulate. That said, the star track, for me, is the Tagalog cover of Shame & Scandal – excellent! I look forward to further musical outings from you.

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    1. Yes Israelites and I Shot The Sheriff two of my favourites as well. I have a couple other versions of Shame and Scandal (seems to of been a popular record to cover) but thought 4 versions in one mix might of been a bit much haha. Thanks for listening.

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