Chito – Yugyog Dito, Yugyog Doon

Chito Sibayan was an original member of the 1960s band The Lumberjacks along with Robert Aquino, son of a lumber magnate (hence the name) from Butuan City, the Jongko brothers Vic, Boy and Art and Rolly Ramos.

In 1970, Vic and Chito regrouped as the Black Opinion, and played soul music to U.S. servicemen at the Harlem Club in Olongapo, and traveled back & forth to Roponggi and Shinjuku, Japan. Chito later joined the 4 Notes+1.

In the mid 70s Chito joined the Grandells and concentrated on making records and commercials. One famous jingle was ‘Ahit Ruby, Ahit Pogi!’. In 1979, Chito was a finalist at the 2nd Metro-Pop Festival with his composition, ‘Itay, Saan Ka Man Naroroon’.

In 1984, Chito and Vic reunited in Los Angeles and formed the ‘Maynila Band’ with Benji Saldua on keyboards and female singer Bobbi Dimon. In the 90s, Jessica Maico took over as lead female singer. They later renamed the group, ‘Light & Shadow band’ and continued to rock the L.A. music scene until the early 2000s. Recently they have reformed the Lumberjacks and played several gigs in Las Vegas. He now lives in Walnut, California after retiring from working for The Los Angeles Times.

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