Dakila – Dakila

Dakila in Tagalog means noble; great; distinguished. Dakila were a San Francisco-based Filipino-American Latin/Jazz/Rock band formed in the early 1970s.


“The music on this album presents a flavor that Latin freaks will not immediately recognize. They’ll hear the congas and timbales, the organ and guitars they know and love. But a subtle spice has been added to the pot, and it’s a whole new stew. The new flavor is Tagalog; it’s the Philippines. Just a taste more jungle than you’re used to, but then, who wants the same old dish all the time?

DAKILA’s music is tribal in a very real sense. Most of the members are brothers or cousins, and all of them are relatives in the huge, soulful family called Mission District (SF, USA).

There are four languages on this album; English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Music. Even if you don’t understand the first three, DAKILA will speak to you clearly in the fourth.”

Dakila are still performing today, check out their facebook page for up to date gig info.

13 thoughts on “Dakila – Dakila

      1. No I am born in the UK but have been back many times to the Philippines. I am 30 years old and I love all old music Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Disco.


  1. Hi, this excellent album just got it’s 50th anniversary reissue on vinyl and cd by Guerssen records.


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