Jacqui Magno – Vision Of A Dance / After The Rain

Jacqui Magno’s career as a professional singer started when she was a freshman in college, an upperclassman asked her to join their school production, which turned out to be a major concert, attended by students from other schools. This performance led her to being asked to join Genesis Band, along with the legendary singer Basil Valdez. But her career as a singer was cut short when she fell in love, and got pregnant.

While pregnant she bumped into Basil (Valdez) again, and was invited to join his band. That music group was the legendary Circus Band. She resumed her singing career three months after giving birth to her first child. At that time, however, she felt as if her heart was not into music. For the second time, she left singing and focused on her family. She also tried other activities, and even became a missionary at one point.


But it seems Magno was destined to be a singer and she eventually went back to making music after trying different career paths. Well know as a Jazz singer in 1979 she released ‘Loving’ on Japan’s Orange House Records, a mixture of Mellow Soul, Jazz, Boogie and AOR. A rare record that these days fetches quite a bit of money. This 45 released on the Philippine label Jem Records features ‘Vision Of A Dance’ a Jazzy up-tempo number and ‘After The Rain’ a fantastic Soul-Jazz Ballad from the album.

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