The Grandells – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

‘Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get’ by The Grandells is the b-side to ‘Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (a Hollies cover). It was originally written by Detroit producer Tony Hester and was a breakthrough single by The Dramatics who he had signed after seeing them in a Detroit nightclub in 1971.

The Grandells comprised of Chito Sibayan formerly of the Lumberjacks (lead vocalist/rhythm guitar), Dong Gica (bass guitar/vocals), Roger Cantor (keyboards/vocals), Edwin Bunales (lead guitar/vocals), Horacio ‘Baby’ Jongko (2nd lead guitar/vocals) and Dodie Sta. Rita (drums/vocals).

The Grandells were very active in the seventies releasing several albums and singles of mainly Rock, Funk, Soul and Disco covers with some traditional Filipino songs and original compositions.

Listen below:

4 thoughts on “The Grandells – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

  1. Nice to hear and remembering this song. I hope that all rare pinoy songs will played again to some am and fm radios as well as to TV programs. We are in a bloodline of musicians. God bless all pinoy bands and singers.


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